Hysterscopy Pump

The offered hysteroscopy pump is ideal for hysteroscopy and resection. It gives accurate and easy measurement of fluid balance and pressure in the close system during hysteroscopy. It also ensures accurate fluid loss measurement. The pump ensures safety and comfort. The pump auto cuts off during high pressure. The ergonomic design helps in low power consumption.


Technical Data Hystero Pump Model: Hi Mat -101
Max flow rate 2.5 lit/min
Max pressure 0-200/ Hg
Power supply 220 - 250v, AC
Frequency 50 Hz
Max power consumption 230 VA
Max current consumption 1 A
Fuses 1.25 A
Dimesnion 300 L x 275 b x 115mm h
Weight 4 kg (approx)
Ordering Data Cat no HZ-016-006


  • Oil less diaphragm Pump
  • Independent pump for Suction & Irrigation Running Simultaneously
  • Auto cutt off for high pressure
  • User friendly lure lock system for Tube Connection

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