Laparoscopic Clip Applicator

Laparoscopic Multi-Clip Applicator

This modular system with very sturdy all-metal construction and rotatable operational bit, fitting various types of clips is suitable for the laparoscopic application of ligatures. It consists of the handle, the shaft and the clip applicator insert, and it may be easily and swiftly dismantled for cleaning purposes. The applicator insert can easily be exchanged for an insert with different bit. The instruments are rotatable, and they can be assembled and dismantled without tools.


CA-LT300 Applicator

Clip Applicator

Size Order Data
5mm LT 200 (Small) Cat No : HZ-008-001
10 mm LT300 (Medium Large) Cat No : HZ-008-002
10mm LT400 (Large) Cat No : HZ-008-003
10mm Set of 3 insert (LT 200, LT 300, LT 400) Cat No : HZ-008-004
Hemolock Clip Applicator

Hemolock Clip Applicator

Size Order Data
Hemolock 5mm Green Clips (small) Cat no : (HZ-008-006)
Hemolock 10mm Purple Clips (large) Cat no : (HZ-008-005)
Hemolock 10mm Gold Clips (Extra large) Cat no : (HZ-008-007)


Type Surgical clip applicator
Size S.M.L
Material Stainless steel
MOQ 1 Pc
Packaging Details Thick foam+ hard carton

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