Laparoscopic Morcellator

During a laparoscopic procedure, a morcellator is important for division and removal of large masses of tissues. The offered product is facilitated with a hi-morce 101 power drive which is perfect system uncomplicated and time saving morcellation. By motorized rotation in a continuous and precise mode, tissues can be efficiently removed from moyomas, uteri renal and spine. The morcellator has a long service life. This product is not recommended for cancer's tissues.


Technical Data Morcellator Model: Hi Morce 101
Controlling Unit
Main Connection 100-240 VAC
Power Input 110 VA
Dimensions W-275mm , L-300mm, H-115mm
Driver Motor Diameter 34mm


  • Cutting speed can be adjusted online while in operation
  • Reverse and forward cutter rotation option
  • Hand-piece , cutter and connecting cable are autoclavable
  • Special flap-washer to prevents gas leakage while removal of tissues
  • The Cutter size 15mm
  • Retractable cutting blade to prevent accidental damage, with cut and non-cut position
  • Ergonomically designed hand-piece for ease of position and operation
  • High cutting torque and speed
  • Extra protection sleeve to prevent tissue damage because of rotating blade
  • Cutter rotation can be operated thro' foot pedal
  • Electronic & motorized unit
  • Inbuilt Stailizer

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